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(b) in the case of advertisements on or via the Internet, the Website and mobile devices and any other deployment mechanism, whether now known or invented in the future, includes text, graphics, layout, logos, audio or visual images, avatars, static and dynamic images, animations, slogans, banners, hypertext, links, microsites, click-through advertisements, embedded and/or embedded codes and algorithms, emails and/or messaging; and (6) Buyer means the person who orders the campaign from the publisher, whether that person is the advertiser, advertising agency or media buyer of the publisher. This framework provides customers with a fast, simple and competitive way to obtain advertising solutions. Please log in to download the user guide which contains the full details of this framework. In most cases, other information, such as pricing, can only be obtained by completing and returning the access agreement form that you will find in the user manual. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we have relied on Regulation 72(1)(c) of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 to expand this framework. (4) Broadening the target group means getting advertising from the advertiser to users of the Telegraph network on third-party sites. This purpose is achieved through the use of cookie technology to track a user`s browsing activities on the telegraphic network and to provide the user with a retargeting cookie so that the user can continue to see the advertiser`s ads on selected websites outside the telegraph network (where advertising inventory is provided to the publisher). (10) The Publisher`s advertising fee(s) for the advertisement, campaign or insertion as communicated and agreed to the Buyer (including any additional costs and charges set out in a roadmap) or, in the absence of such notification and agreement, the Publisher`s standard fees, as defined in its price list. (5) Audience Extension Inventory means advertising inventory on third-party websites made available to the publisher for audience use. Extension for advertiser ads.

2.1 The customer of the advertisement (“buyer”) must do so as the client. . . . .

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