Agreement In Filipino Word

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If the adjective describes only one noun/pronoun, “ma-” and the root word are used. The following tables show the possible word sequence of a substantive sentence containing a modifier. [8] Since the word order in Tagalog is flexible, there are other ways to say these sentences. To learn more about Tagalog word order, go to the Word Order section. A change in the word sequence and trigger is usually a change in the determination (“the” vs “a”) in English. Example (6) shows a change in word order triggered by the indirect “ng”. Example (7) shows a change in word order triggered by the direct “ang”. This consists of the root word and one or more affixes. When the base word ends with the suffixes -in and -an on a vowel, the suffixes add at the beginning an h to become -aller-han, to make speech more natural. If we lowered the subject, ang lalaki, to an intermediate position within the vice-president, we would be able to achieve a word order yours while respecting the sagging of the subject. [11] This can be seen in (13b).

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