Algoma District School Board Collective Agreement

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Algoma District School Board and DISTRICT 2 OSSTF Secondary school teachers get new four-year preliminary agreement Your collective bargaining team (BC) is working your behalf, as our current collective agreement with ADSB expires on August 31, 2019. On 31 January, our BC team will meet with our ETFO Chief of Staff to discuss and prioritise bc`s central and local issues. In March, all members of our BC team will participate in ETFO workshops focused on developing and strengthening our skills in the run-up to the next collective bargaining. We will keep you informed while this negotiation process is taking place. There is also an update to the fragrance sensitivity directive. Please try to make sure you don`t wear perfumes/Cologne when you go to school. Many employees (and students) have sensitivities to odors. These include essential oils. While both parties believe that this agreement is consistent with the provincial discussion table, both parties have agreed to jointly submit the terms of the contract to the ministry to ensure that the parameters of the provincial discussion table are met. Our collective bargaining team continues to represent Algoma OT`s membership by ensuring that our new collective agreement is implemented in a timely and appropriate manner. If you have any questions about this collective agreement or about any issues that arise in schools in relation to our collective agreement, please contact any member of our collective bargaining team.

“Securing a four-year collective agreement will further improve relationships with secondary school teachers. We appreciate the contribution of this group of collaborators to creating a stimulating and positive learning environment, based on a quality education system,” said WANDA McQueen, President of ADSB. “We thank both bargaining teams for their efforts towards this collective agreement.” ETFO offers a large number of workshops and conferences open to all members. Travel, catering and accommodation costs are covered by ETFO Provincial. In addition, instructors receive the standard OT salary for each conference day that takes place on a school day. Visit the ETFO website regularly (under, as new conferences and workshops are always published. The Algoma District School Board (ADSB) and staff of the Federation of Secondary Teachers (OSSTF) District 2 Ontario Secondary Teachers have entered into a four-year interim agreement for the period from September 1, 2008 to June 31, 2008. August 2012. . .


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