Bagge Award And Nehru-Noon Agreement In Hindi

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The country-border agreement was signed on 16 May 1974 between Indira Gandhi and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, which provided for the exchange of enclaves and the surrender of unfavourable possessions. [17] As part of the agreement, India maintained the Berubari Union Enclave No. 12, while Bangladesh retained the enclaves of Dahagram – Angorpota and India, giving a corridor of 178 meters by 85 × m, called the bigha Tin corridor. Bangladesh quickly ratified the agreement in 1974, but India did not. The issue of the unsupervised land border of about 6.1 kilometers in three areas – Daikhata-56 in West Bengal, Muhuri River-Belonia in Tripura and Lathitila-Dumabari in Assam . The Tin Bigha Corridor was leased in Bangladesh in 1992 under local opposition. [3] This 1958 Convention, however, at least with regard to the reciprocal exchange of enclaves and the transfer by India of the southern half of the Berubari Union of South No. 12 to eastern Pakistan, it was not possible to implement, as disputes were filed by Indian nationals who claimed that the entire Von South Berubari association was the Indian territory at the time of the Indian constitution and enclaves in Cochbehar state were also part of India. As a result, neither the southern half of the Union nor the enclaves could be ceded to a foreign country. When the time came, the case reached the Supreme Court of India. The Court found that a constitutional amendment was necessary to continue the exchanges under the agreement.

The Indian Constitution was amended in 1960 (9th Amendment). However, there was no exchange. The land exchange agreement between the two nations was signed on 6 September 2011 during the visit of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. The future of about 162 enclaves was decided by this land agreement. Since the creation of Pakistan in 1947, these enclaves have failed to advance the development of their respective countries because of the problem of communication and the lack of interest of the political authorities. These enclaves also remain an obstacle to the completion of the fenced-in fence at the border, which has brought huge illegal migrants to Assam and other northeastern states.

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