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CPC`s overall offer also contained significant changes in travel time, which would have resulted in a net loss to the bargaining unit. The provisional agreement does not include the 60 km rate proposed by CPC and increases all other payments for the duration of the journey by 1.5% per year instead of 0.75% per year, as included in the overall offer. New travel times of 20 km per hour and 30 km per hour have been added. The result will be a significant improvement for the bargaining unit. There are also some changes to other activity values, the most important of which is a new sort activity value for sequenced emails. The new journey times will enter into force on 1 January 2017 and the new sorting value for sequenced mail can only be applied in the event of restructuring.…/les-e…/reunion-annuelle-nationale/. Labour Day is a time to celebrate all that we have accomplished as a union. Even in this pandemic and the chaos of this era, the CPAA has much to celebrate this year – a pay equity agreement, a new collective agreement with some great benefits and a light on the decisive work done by our members. The average annual salary increase (over the duration of the contract) is 1.25% for the provisional municipal agreement and 1.5% for the RSMC provisional agreement. Labour Party Canada reports that for all unions that reached agreements in June 2016, the average wage increase was 1.1%. The preliminary agreement also provides for salary increases that go beyond those recently obtained by the Canadian Postmasters and Assistants Association (CPAA).

CPC`s global offering for the first year for the entire RSMC unit consisted of salary/activity value increases of 0.75% on average each year. For Zone 1 employees, the increase was 0.6% in the first year and 0.8% in the second year. In the second year of global supply, the Zone 1 effective hourly rate would have been 19.72 $US, up $0.28 from 2015. The provisional scheme will increase wage/activity values by 1.5% in the first year and by 1.5% in the second year. In the second year, the zone 1 effective hourly rate will be $US 20.03, up $0.59 from 2015. This salary is retired, unlike piece rates. Future salary increases will be based on the results of the pay equity decision. CPC`s overall offer for the first two years was a lump sum of $1200.00 for the first year and a salary increase of 1.0% for the second year. The 1.0% increase in the second year would have raised the hourly rate to US$26.21 for an annual salary of US$54,701.32. The provisional agreement will increase wages by 1% and 1.5%. In the second year, the maximum hourly rate is $26.60, or $55,515.26 per year, or $813.94 more than the global supply. This salary is retired, will be included in all future years and will serve as the basis for all future increases.

The CPAA is pleased to announce the results of the vote on the ratification of the new treaty. 4890 ballots were sent to members and the returned ballots were counted by Welch, LLP. The treaty was ratified by 3081 yes to 154 no. Our new collective agreement has been signed and is starting with immediate effect. All benefits and salary increases are retroactive to January 2019, with the exception of the increase in leasing benefits (Schedule I), which applies retroactively to April 1, 2019.…/keep-up-to-da…/cpaa-annual-meeting/…/the-postmasters-and-the-pa. Most employees in groups 3 and 4 receive $0.50 Bump Up We all know that online meetings are not the same as a personal meeting for some events. Unfortunately, the pandemic has forced us to postpone our Just For You training sessions.

We hope to be able to deliver them in 2021. Similarly, we had to stop our electoral process for health and safety officials. .

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