Ust Owner Operator Written Agreement

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In cases where UST authorization is granted to a person other than the UST operator (s), the holder of the marketing authorization must enter into a written agreement with the UST operator (s). This form can be used for this purpose. According to UN-106 Unidocs: “In cases where the underground storage tank (UST) is issued to a person other than the UST operator (s), the licensee must enter into a written agreement with the UST operator (s) that requires the UST operator (s) to monitor the UST (s), keep appropriate records, that it performs notification procedures and works according to the conditions of the authorization granted by the local unified program agency (UPA). The use of this form to meet this requirement is optional. You can use your own format, as long as it meets the requirements of HSC 25284 (a)3).¬†Fill in the identification fields for the licensee. Keep in mind that by signing this document, you accept the 5 conditions of the form. [Note: “UST operator” refers to the person or organization that controls the day-to-day operation of the system (s) ust (s) or who is responsible for the difference between the “designated UST operator” who conducts monthly inspections and training of the facility`s staff in accordance with 23 CCR 2715.] This link to a model file also contains additional information about the information needed to complete this form. The documents below are available in PDF format and/or as Microsoft Word files. If you need help downloading, printing or entering data for any of these documents, please visit the download instructions and questions and answers pages on uniform documents. The UST Operator Agreement is a mandatory document that identifies responsibility for the existence and operation of a UST system. Guidelines for meeting the operating requirements of the basic UST system. This form allows you to avoid violations. ..

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