What Should I Look For In A Severance Agreement

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In return, it is an offer made by the employer to the employee to sign the document. In short, it is severance pay. However, for it to be a legal “counterparty,” severance pay cannot be something the employee receives, even if he does not sign the contract. This is a big mistake that many employees make. We are not saying that an employee automatically hires a lawyer to read and explain a termination agreement. If an employee does not feel that he or she has been the victim of illegal employer behaviour or if the terms of the severance pay are relatively reduced, the comparative costs of hiring a lawyer may not be worth it. What is to take away here is that you must use severance agreements if you want to avoid future prosecutions. You can always use it for anyone you leave, even what puts you in the habit of using it and will always protect you. A typical package can calculate compensation based on the length of employment in the company.

One method is to give one or two weeks` salary for each year of service to the company. For example, if you work for 5 years, you can receive between 5 and 10 weeks of severance pay. The text of your agreement must be clear and concise. Do not try to deceive or disorient the person who is released. This will only lead to the anger you want to avoid with the agreement. Companies generally want you to sign the severance pay as soon as possible, especially if there are provisions that prevent you from taking action against it. However, it`s usually a good idea to resist this pressure, says Cameron Burskey, partner and managing director of Cornerstone Financial Services. Companies sometimes offer the services of an outplacement company free of charge. Such outplacement companies can help you find a new job or position yourself for a career change. Ask yourself if the company will include it as part of your severance package. Alternatively, you can request a cash effort to hire an outplacement company of your choice (or just keep the money in cash).

This is usually a benefit ranging from $10,000 to $25,000. Go over each step of the severance agreement, take questions from the employee (if they have it) and give them a copy to take to their lawyer. Explain the timelines and everything we discussed earlier. Don`t try to draw one on your employee here. You need to make sure that you explain the document so that it understands it. Try to build an agreed announcement of your departure and a letter of recommendation. Ask them to design the documents themselves and make sure you include your key accomplishments. Add the letters to the agreement. In this article, I address 16 key issues to be addressed in the negotiation of an employment agreement, with a focus on severance agreements for executives.

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