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I have just responded to another intervention you made on the same subject. I`ve been investing through a limited liability company for three years now and you don`t really need a written management agreement if you/your partner own the limited liability company 100%. However, for a joint venture, it may be useful to formalize the agreement perhaps. A credit agreement is a contract between a borrower and a lender that establishes a mutual obligation between the two parties. There are many types of credit agreements, including “facilities”, “revolvers”, “fixed-term loans” and “working capital loans”. The loan agreement is a document drawn up on the basis of various mutual obligations of the parties concerned. Most banks would have their own standard form of credit agreements (the market standard is the “LMA agreement” – see below), but it is still possible for the borrower to negotiate certain clauses. Directors can grant loans to companies on the same basis as any commercial organization. However, there will be questions regarding the assumption of collateral and conflicts of interest that will need to be considered before the loan is concluded. Our guide – loans involving administrators should be read in conjunction with this agreement.

I recently set up a limited liability company and am in the process of buying a few BTL properties under this company. I transferred some funds from my personal bank account to the company`s account. These funds are considered loan managers (from me to the company). My lawyer asked me to provide a document with a loan agreement for the directors and the minutes of the board meeting attesting that the loan is accepted by the company. The loan to directors is not limited to lending money to a limited liability company. It may take the form of equipment, products or services or a waiver of monthly treatments. Regardless of the form of an administrator loan, your business accounts must have a separate administrator loan account. Any credit from a separate director should be accounted for in a separate credit account.

Each loan is credited to the directors` loan account and added other current liabilities to the balance sheets and other statutory accounts. Loans from company managers are not due to corporation tax. Subordination, a transaction or agreement by which a creditor (the subordinated creditor) agrees to defer or settle, until another creditor of the borrower (the priority creditor) has paid its debt (the “priority debt”) by the borrower. This relatively simple statement is based on a large number of types of subordination and methods to achieve such subordination. This attempt at a simple definition already masks a whole series of questions about what the definition means and about the absolute degree of displacement or subordination. I make my first purchase of BTL through a limited liability company. I am the sole shareholder/director. I will finance the purchase in cash, some of which also come from my parents.

I want to make sure that the money is a loan from the director and not a gift to the company, so I don`t have to pay taxes to get money back from the company I`ve already paid taxes on. Documentation for an intra-group loan from a parent company/director/shareholder to the company is usually easier with less strict default clauses than a normal business loan…

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