The Real Real Consignment Agreement

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RealReal`s terms of use under: are also included in this Agreement and apply to your and RealReal`s business under this Agreement. RealReal only accepts ownership of you on a consignment basis. You are responsible for any risk of loss or deterioration of the property until The RealReal takes physical possession of it; However, if you use the approved and prepaid shipping label and the shipping method approved by The RealReal to ship your goods, The RealReal assumes the risk of loss or damage to the property upon delivery. A “Shipment” means items shipped together under a shipping label authorized by RealReal and paid for in advance. The “consignment period” for each item begins on the day RealReal accepts the item for shipment and expires 365 days thereafter, even if that agreement has been terminated by you or The RealReal during that period. You may at any time, during the shipping period and subject to this provision, require In writing that The RealReal return the item (a “Return Request”) until the item has already been sold. Once The RealReal has received your return request, it will make economically reasonable efforts to remove the item from (the “Website”) and, if applicable, from one of our retail businesses before it is sold. It is your responsibility to ensure that The RealReal has your most up-to-date contact details and postal addresses. Just a few years ago, most luxury brands weren`t getting out of the consignment and resale conversation. Some have gone so far as to oppose it, cautiously with counterfeit goods or the prospect of losing their market share. Others seemed to feel the trend: would used shopping really stand out? Do women really want to buy someone else`s dress? RealReal respects copyright and expects its users to do the same. It is the company`s policy to terminate, in appropriate circumstances, access by members who repeatedly violate the rights of copyright holders or are repeatedly alleged to be violent.

For more information, see the Policy on Content Submitted by RealReal to . . .

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