Trust Receipt Agreement Sample

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A copy of the computer-generated collection notes accompanying us or informing us of receipt of the documents, and our signed confirmation that we are committed to keeping in trust the shipping documents, ownership documents, goods and sales proceeds for the bank as trustee of the bank under the terms of this fiduciary receipt, is conclusive evidence of the creation and existence of a trust and a challenge to the documents and goods to which they relate and the proceeds of the sale of the transaction. Such a transaction is and constitutes a transaction under this trust receipt, which is subject to the terms of this fiduciary receipt and (if applicable) the master trust acceptance agreement, as it is in effect. The aforementioned terms and conditions are considered to be included in the aforementioned advice. 24. Notwithstanding the death, bankruptcy, liquidation, incapacity or amendment of the articles of association of any of us, a merger with another person, a transaction or another business of continuance, this trust confirmation applies in addition to the general right of pledge of the bank, a contractual or other right or remedy or a guarantee, and may not merge with it or affect or affect it. the right of pledge, the right of pledge, the invoice, the note, the hypothec or any other guarantee (whether created by the filing of documents or others) held or at its disposal, now or in the presence thereof, which are neither affected nor affected, either by the disclosure, modification or interpretation of improvements or by the application of the same law or right; that the bank may have now or shortly, or for payment, indulgence or connection with any other responsible. 26. .

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